Soon, Anti-Diabetes Drugs to Replace Painful Insulin Jabs

Soon, Anti-Diabetes Drugs to Replace Painful Insulin Jabs

Scientists are always in a try to deliver advanced medical treatment. For their efforts in upgrading the medical science and technology patients are getting quick better result. Recently medical science is going to add another discovery to their list. Now it is for Diabetes Mellitus. They had discovered an advanced and painless treatment for Diabetic patients. This discovery will soon replace insulin jabs by Anti diabetes drug. It will be a new safe and effective drug to beat diabetes and to replace insulin pen or syringe.

Anti diabetes drug

Researcher for a long time working on a drug that can replace insulin jabs. A group of researcher from the University of Adelaide, Australia had first discovered how effective this anti diabetes drug will interact with the target part of the body.

This drug will not reduce the glucose of liver as common drugs like Metformin. This drug target to the receptors in fat tissue that presents everywhere in the body known as” PPARgamma”. This drug will increase the sensitivity of insulin and metabolism of sugar and fat in our body. It will fully change the metabolism of body fat and sugar.

As per a journal that published in Journal of Medicinal chemistry, scientists has found 14 different types of drug that activates PPARgamma. Minimum activation might have some side effects but full activation is free from any type side effects.

“Type two diabetes is characterized by resistance to insulin with subsequent high blood sugar which leads to serious disease. It is usually associated with poor lifestyle factors such as diet and lack of exercise,” said John Bruning, from the University of Adelaide.

As per John Bruning “People with severe diabetes need to take insulin but having to inject this can be problematic, and it’s difficult to get insulin levels just right,”

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