Devendra Fadnavis Escaped From Helicopter Crash And Lands In Latur

Devendra Fadnavis Escaped From Helicopter Crash And Lands In Latur

Devendra Fadnavis the honorable chief minister of Maharashtra was on a tour of the rural areas of Maharashtra. Mr. Fadnavis scheduled his time to meet the farmers in Latur to assure them every type of support from Maharashtra government. During his journey to Latur, Mr. Fadnavis meets with a serious chopper accident. But Mr. Devendra Fadnavis along with his aides escaped unhurt.

Mr. Devendra was traveling to Latur and to attend a program. While landing to Nilanga choppers gets entangled in wires. This is the reason of this accident. But the pilot is well experienced and successfully manages to land.

After this accident happen every people of Maharashtra might be thinking about their CM, he is safe or not.

Later Mr. Fadnavis released before the media assures that he is safe along with every member present in that chopper and also told his supporters that there was nothing to worry about.

He said, “With the blessings of 11 crore people of Maharashtra, I am safe”. He also twitted the same in the Twitter.

Later after the accident took place, Senior official of the DGCA  said to the government that helicopter suffered extensive damage due to this crash. The pilot of the chopper later said that at 12 PM he observed variable wind. When he seems that it may be risky he decided to land. But at nearby there was no landing space. So at the time of emergency landing chopper get entrapped with overhead wires. This is the reason behind this accident

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