Microsoft Surface Pro Offers Battery Boost, Better Viewing Angles, Faster Processors

Microsoft Surface Pro Offers Battery Boost, Better Viewing Angles, Faster Processors

Microsoft Surface Pro was a launched on February 9th, 2013. Though it was a great success still it received mixed reviews. There have been many complaints regarding this product launched by Microsoft. Mostly the complaints were about the battery, which used to get drained quite quickly. There have been complaints about the processors being quite slow too.

Well, Microsoft is now making a few changes in its Surface Pro 2 in 1s. It was reported that the Microsoft Surface Pro will offer battery boost and also a faster processor. The viewing angles will also be upgraded.

The main reason behind this is that Microsoft has been trying to compete with the likes of Samsung, etc. and off course iPad Pro by Apple has been its biggest competitor. Microsoft has promised that the battery life of this upgraded Surface Pro will be 13.5 hours. This is about 50% more than the 9 hours of battery life the old model offered.


It has been announced that new advancements have been made to the stylus of the device too. The price of the stylus will be around Rs.6,500 ($100 ). The pro version of the surface will be cost around Rs.52,000 ($800) and this product will be made available by the 15th of June.

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New keyboard covers will also be available and the price of these would be around Rs.8,440 ($130). Some versions of the covers may cost around Rs.11,000 ($170).


Though the price has not been disclosed but it was announced that Microsoft will launch a version with cellular capacities. Without a doubt, it can be said that this product was in response to the product released by Samsung. The price of the product released by Samsung is around Rs.84,500 ($1,300). The price of the pen and the Keyboard is also included in this.

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Microsoft also announced that they would be launching another laptop on 15th June. This laptop is basically aimed at students and will sport a detachable screen. The price of this product is set around Rs.65,000 ($1000).

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