Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Fooled by Photo, Contact Lens Researchers!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Fooled by Photo, Contact Lens Researchers!

The newly launched flagship phone of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 has a major defect. It has been claimed hacking group that they have fooled the Iris Scanner of Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung is currently investigating the claims made by this hacking group.

The Iris scanner was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S7 model. But due to the faulty batteries that used to catch fire, all the Samsung Galaxy S7 models were called back. Now, Samsung has incorporated this feature in the GalaxyS8 models.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Well, the rumor of the Iris Scanner getting hacked can be quite true. A photo taken at a close distance can do the trick and get you access to the phone. The advancement in technology has extended to such an extent that iris scanners are easily able to distinguish between 2D and 3D eye. All that he did was put on lens on top of the photos and that did the trick.

It was suggested that if one wants to bypass the iris scanner then Night Mode of the camera should be used to take the photo. And also best results can be expected when one uses a Samsung laser printer.

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This revelation has made the users quite worried as the iris scanner is needed to approve payments madevia Samsung pay. The fear of getting their data and funds stolen has become one of their major concerns. The photos are quite easy to come by as nearly all photos these days are of high quality and provide better details.

Samsung Galaxy S8

It has been recommended to the users that they use the pin based authentication system. There are even many videos that will show how you can bypass the Iris Scanner and that too without putting much effort.

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The way things are going for the biometric systems of Samsung, the day is quite close when we might get hear that the fingerprint has been hacked. If that happens then Samsung could erase its whole biometric systems and start from scratch.

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