Press Conference On MGNREGA Corruption

Press Conference On MGNREGA Corruption

The C Times, 30 May 2017, Agartala: Mr. Ratan Lal Nath in 29th May, 17 press conferences at Press Club has thrown some light into massive corruptions and fund misappropriation in Tripura’s MGNREGA implementation. He addressed the media on how the state govt. is trying to cover its failure on MGNREGA implementation by misleading people.

He emphasised the first issue is how the CPIM govt. has misused its power and involved itself in absolute corruption by misappropriating funds of MGNREGA which were meant for unskilled labourers of villages in Tripura. Whatever evidence and information that we have gathered from govt. offices prove the state govt’s inefficiency and indulgence in severe corruption.

The CM of the state has turned a deaf ear to all these allegations and ignored questions on such issues.Mr. Nath has compared the CM Manik Sarkar run govt. to sugar ants as they.

Are in constant lookout for money? The CPIM party has been distributing leaflets throughout the State claiming that they are opposed to GST bill as this will hamper the growth of small business men and shopkeepers in near future whereas the same party stood in favour of the same bill in the parliament because they will be earning in crores if this bill is passed. This proves how double faced this party is. They are only concerned about money and not principles.

And he also emphasizes issue is instigating lower class of the society by not providing them MGNREGA work inspite having sufficient fund from the centre. The state govt. is trying to tarnish the image of the central govt.

According to Mr. Nath  said that, “The centre has granted 711 crores 48 lakh 63 thousand rupees for the financial year 2016-17 for Tripura where 10 % will be given by the state govt. and the ratio will be 60: 40. 60 % of the amount is 427 cr 20 lakh. Job card holders are in the state is 6 lakh 4 thousand. If the job is provided to each card holder then expenditure’s per day amounts is 10.50 Cr. Thus job can be provided for 41 days in the current financial year”.

Mr. Nath also alleged that “Out of the 58 blocks in Tripura work was provided in only 12 blocks which means no work has been done in 46 blocks. Also, the unspent amount of MGNREGA fund in the last 3 years is as 2013 – 14 financial year’s 43 cr 55 Lakh 64 Thousand, 2014-15 financial year’s 44 cr 54 Lakh 90 thousand and 2015-16 financial year’s 46 cr 58 Lakh 96 thousand.

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