Man Brutally Attacked By Wife And Own Brother

Man Brutally Attacked By Wife And Own Brother

The C Times, 3rd June, Agartala: In a tragic incident a 52 yr old man was severely injured after being attacked by his wife and younger brother. The victim Sri Anil Ray, S/o Sri Biswajit Ray, a resident of Anandanagar under Srinagar P.S has been married to Smt. Jharna Shil (32 yrs), D/o Sri Anil Shil, a resident of Oriyapara under Srinagar P.S for the past 11 years with a 7yr old son.

According to the sources Smt. Jharna Shil Ray was having an affair with her brother-in-law Sri Ranjan Ray (28yrs) who stayed in the same house for the past 2 years. However a year ago the victim caught them red handed in his house and informed this matter to his in-laws and neighbours. The issue was amicably settled by all family members and locals and Smt. Jharna Shil decided to stay with her husband and start afresh.

But trouble began after few days when Smt. Jharna started picking up fights with her husband over trivial issues. This continued for some time and finally, she left for her own house. After staying there for about 6 months she came back on her own on 2nd June. During her stay at her native place she was often visited by her paramour Sri Ranjan Ray, a source revealed.

On the fateful night of 2nd June at around 2 am she started quarrelling with her husband and suddenly pounced on him with an axe. She was accompanied by her paramour Ranjan Dey who also attacked and stabbed his elder brother.

Upon listening to the victims screams neighbours came to his rescue and he was rushed to Anandanagar PHC from where he was referred to G.B hospital. He is still in a critical condition.

A FIR has been lodged in Srinagar PS against Jharna Ray Shil and Ranjan Ray. The police investigation is on.

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