ICT@School Project …..Scam (2nd Page)

ICT@School Project …..Scam (2nd Page)

The C Times,7 June 2017, Agartala:

This is a continuation of the CAG report on ICT@School Project.

The Department stated (August 2013) that the State Government had decided to enhance the monthly remuneration of the computer faculties engaged by the agencies by ` 2000 per faculty per month with effect from 1 April 2012 and this would consequently exhaust the savings before the end of the scheme in 2018. But the fact remained that the huge savings would be exhausted only to the extent of ` 4.80 crores by enhancement of remuneration of the faculties.

Moreover, the Department did not spell out the reasons for not providing the facilities like Projector, Modem, Broadband antenna, Generator/ Solar Package, video camera, scanner, web camera, modem in 1st phase as envisaged in the scheme guidelines. Actual requirements mentioned in ICT Scheme guidelines were:

  1. 10 PCs (or one Server with 10 Terminals), 1 Projector, 5.10, 1 Printer, 1 Scanner, 1 Web Camera, 1 modem, Broadband antenna, Generator/ Solar Package, UPS, video camera, etc.
  2. Operating System & Application Software 0.20
  3. Educational Software and CD-ROMs 0.45
  4. Furniture 0.25
  5. Induction training in ICT to teachers for 0.40

10 days @ Rs.400/- per day (average of 10 teachers)

The Director, SCERT further stated (October 2013) that the Department would take initiative to assess the impact of likely savings and after assessment, this aspect would be intimated to the MHRD. The 1st instalment of GOI share of ` 4.96 crores against 282 schools approved in November 2010 received in March 2011 was lying idle for over two years (July 2013) as the Department had not started implementation of the scheme in those schools (July 2013). Despite a request made (July 2013) by Audit, the Director, SCERT did not furnish the reasons for non-implementation of the scheme in 282 schools.

The Department entered into agreements with the private agencies to provide computer hardware consisting of 10 computers, 10 UPSs, one printer and necessary furniture & fixtures for each school. As per the scheme guidelines, the computer system was required to be inclusive of facilities like scanner, web camera, modem, etc. It was, however, observed that these facilities were not included in the scope of private agencies except the inclusion of modems for 250 schools of the second and the third phase.

Further, though the agreements with the private agencies provided for the topics on internet basics, browsing on the internet, creating e-mail account etc, the Department did not take the required action to provide internet connections as discussed below….. to be continued.

Stay tuned for further follow ups…….

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