24 hrs Of “No Purchase” Of Any Products

24 hrs Of “No Purchase” Of Any Products

The C Times, 8th June 2017, Agartala: Today the All Tripura Petroleum Dealers Association (ATPDA) submitted a complaint to the Assistant Manager (IOCL-Kumjaban Depot) against the atrocities of tank truck owners and drivers towards the petroleum dealers.

In a recent accident a tank truck bearing registration number AS-01-BC-5969 with invoice number 696980351 dated 30/05/2017 was diverted to Nabarun Petroleum Agency from Dharmanagar depot. After decanting the product it was found 270 litres short and the issue was reported to the concerned authority.

As per the instruction of the concerned authority (IOCL), the suspected truck was forwarded to IOCL Dharmanagar depot accompanied by dealer representatives for calibration on 6th June 2017.

Surprisingly the tank truck did not get calibrated by IOCL officers citing non-availability of the flow meter at Dharmanagar depot and the truck was released without proper investigation.

As an act of revenge, the owner of the truck along with other drivers physically assaulted the dealer representatives and one of them is hospitalised.

To protest against this injustice the ATPDA has called for 24 hours of “No Purchase” of any products on 09/06/2017.

Also if necessary action is not taken against the truck owner and drivers they will go for a 48-hour strike on 13/06/2017 and 14/06/2017, said ATPDA president Sri Anil Kumar Saha.

The copy of the above-mentioned complaint has also been forwarded to The Director (FCS & CA & Controller Legal Metrology Department, DGM (OPS), Mr C.S Chakraborty. IOCL Guwahati, SDM (IOCl, Dharmanagar Depot) and CDRSM (IOCL,Silchar Division Office), said Sri DebasishMajumder (GS, ATPDA).

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