State Govt. Announces Hike In The Name Of Pay and Pension Revision Committee ……Employees And Pensioners Deprived Again

State Govt. Announces Hike In The Name Of Pay and Pension Revision Committee ……Employees And Pensioners Deprived Again

The C Times, 13 th June 2017, Agartala: The State Govt. has maintained its arrogance and decided not to bow down to the demands of Govt. employees and pensioners.  The state Finance Minister Sri BhanulalSaha while addressing a press conference  has finally declared the long awaited Pay & Pension Revision Committees decision on implementation of 7th CPC by announcing a mere hike of 19.68% in salary (Basic and Pay band together) and an increase of Dearness Allowance from 88% to 125%.. The Govt. has thus once again deprived the employees and pensioners of their legitimate benefits.

Sri Saha said, “It is a better offer than the 7th CPC as the Central Govt. has hiked only 14.2% in 7th CPC.”

The Opposition Party said that Sri Saha has proved his immaturity and inexperience as the Finance Minister of a state by making the above statement.

Sri Saha said that,” This decision will highly benefit the Govt. Employees and Pensioners as it includes increment in various allowances like house rent, medical and disability. The persons not getting promotion after 10yrs, 8 yrs or 7 yrs will be highly benefited by the modified rules. The daily worker’s wages have been increased from 400 rupees to 790 rupees.

According to Sri Saha the major highlights of the press statement released by Govt. of Tripura includes approval of new pay structure in the form of “Pay Matrix”. 21 levels have been approved in the pay matrix instead of existing 21 grade pays. Uniform fitment factor@2.25 has been approved for all categories of employees under Govt. of Tripura. Real increase in the minimum pay is 19.68% as compared to 14.2% in respect of Central Govt. Minimum pay of the initial pay scale has been approved at Rs. 14040/- in comparison to existing pay of Rs. 6240/-.

Similarly minimum pay of the highest pay scale has been approved at5 Rs. 1, 17,000/- in comparison to existing pay of Rs. 52000/-. Maximum pay of the highest pay scale has been approved at Rs. 2,11,440/- in comparison to existing pay of Rs. 58540/-. Minimum increase at entry level for group D, C, B and A is 2309, 3091, 5416 and 7770. And average increase is 3932, 5499, 9499 and 15006 respectively for the said groups. The date of effect of the revision of pay is 01.04.2017 and annual increment of 3% is retained.

Two dates for grant of increment i.e, on 1st January or 1st July of every year has been approved provided that an employee shall be entitled to only one annual increment either on 1st Jan or on 1st July depending upon his date of appointment, promotion or grant of financial upgradation. The financial upgradation will involve grant of one increment at existing rate in the existing level of the pay matrix in which the pay of the employee is fixed without any further placement in the subsequent levels.

The total number of State govt. employees and pensioners (Govt. and family) to benefit are 1, 52,331 and 60,491 respectively. The no. of PSU employees including regular and fixed pay/DRW etc. are 9,000 and the no. of Anganwadiworkers, helpers and pump operators are 22,821.

The govt. has also approved introduction of three new allowances namely Disability allowance for Physically/Visually handicapped employees, Child care allowance for physically challenged employees/parents of disabled children and Training allowance for Police/Agriculture staff deputed to Training Institutes on full time. The govt. has also retained 24 existing allowances and employees of state PSUs to be allowed with revision on the basis of pay matrix in respect of the State Govt. employees w.e.f 01.04.2017 including Jute mill keeping in mind their financial capacities including future commitments of both long and short term in mind. Regarding pension and other benefits, pension to be determined by multiplying basic pension/basic family pension by 2.25 subject to minimum and maximum rate of pension. Death cum retirement gratuity approved to enhance ceiling to Rs. 10 lakhs from existing Rs. 4 lakhs.Revised commutation table to be adopted for employees who had proceeded/will proceed on superannuation on or after 01.04.2017, as the case may be.

Tripura State BJP members have strictly objected to the press note released by the finance department stating this a big blow on the face of state govt. employees and pensioners.

BJP state spokesperson Dr. Ashok Sinha said that, “Anomalies were not resolved and Lower level employees, especially the teachers are going to suffer most. Date of implementation, 01/01.16 has become 01/04/17 which means straight loss of one increment for life and one year DA. Employees will have to carry this loss throughout their life. Multiplication factor is 2.25 flat whereas It is 2.57 – 2.81 in 7thCPC. Real increase in state is 19.68% and Central 14.2%. This shows the smallness of the minds of the people who wrote this. 19.68% of a 100 is 19.68, whereas, 14.2% of 400 is 56.8.

The new scale

Grade                                                       State                                     Central                 Gap

  1. PB1                                                        14040                                    17947                   3907
  2. PB2                                                        17325                                    35400                   18075
  3. PB3                                                        32920                                    56100                    23180
  4. PB4                                                        47250                                    118500                  71250


Central House Rent unlimited 24-16-8% depending on cities. In Tripura highest 3000.Career advancement scheme, No change in level, only 3% increase. It is nowhere near the 7thCPC. The State Government continues to bluff. This statement is a new ‘Deed of Deprivation’formulated by the left govt. to lure votes for the upcoming assembly election”.

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