Tripura Gradually Transforming into Cartel Land

Tripura Gradually Transforming into Cartel Land

The C Times, 16th June 2017, Agartala: The NC outpost police on Thursday raided a house in Jagatpur, Indranagrar and seized 130 gm of Brown sugar whose market price is expected to be 10 lakh, soporific tablets, syringes and 35000 rupees in cash from Bani Das Acharjee, s/o GaurangaAcharjee.

Acting on a tip off by an informer the NC outpost police led by ADSP SharmisthaChakrabarty, NC SDPO Dhruva Nath and NC outpost o/c raided the house of Bani Das Acharjee. He was in possession of 130 gm of Smack worth 10 lakh, various soporific tablets, syringes and cash amounting to 35000 rupees. He was immediately arrested and taken into custody for further interrogation.

The Brown sugar drug is an adulterated form of Heroin which comes from opium. It consists of 20% of Heroin. It can also be said that it’s a semi-synthetic opioid which comes from morphine that is directly extracted from poppy plants. Due to impurities like chalk powder, rat poison, zinc oxide, etc brown sugar is much cheaper than the typical highly purified Heroin. It is generally in the powdered form that are usually stored or packed in small vials. The common street names for the Brown Sugar drug are smack, H, junk, horse, black tar and many other.

According to a report last year, the highest amount of illicit drugs in the country were seized in Mizoram. Over 80,000 tonnes of drugs were seized from the state, which speaks volumes about the problem in the region. The Northeast was one of the worst-affected regions because of its proximity to the Golden Triangle – the tri junction of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos – which accounts for over 60 per cent of narcotics traded across the world.

In the Manik Sarkar govt.’s so called “GoldenEra” the state is gradually transforming into a Cartel Land. Jobless youths in the quest of earning quick bucks are lured into the world of drug trafficking.A large section of unemployed youths are also engaged in handing (Gambling) business and teer business. Due to this many persons have lost their hard earned money and many families have been devastated. Such a scenario has emerged due to state govt’s impassiveness towards providing employment to the job less. According to a report there are as many as 8 lakh unemployed persons in the state at present.

A huge drug racket has been operating in the state for the past few years with the help of police, pharmaceutical shop owners and top govt. officials. Many cadres of CPIM party are also involved in this game. The CID’s narcotic department of Tripura has been a major failure in curbing drug abuse and trafficking in the state. The drug consignments are entering into the state through Churaibari check post with the help of police personnel posted there. Huge percentage of Drugs are also trafficked to Bangladesh from sabroom and sonamura area because of their proximity to border. Most of the medical shops in agartala and other towns like udaipur, sabroom, khowai, kailashahar and dharmanagar are openly selling phensydyl and spasmoproxyvon tablets (pain killers). The police and concerned authorities are just mute spectators as there is a huge nexus between the drug lords and them.

It is high time that youths should be made aware of the consequences of drug abuse and trafficking should be checked. The state govt. should wake up from deep slumber and take stringent steps to combat the menace of drugs. It is also the responsibility of the Society to keep a vigilant eye on anti-social elements, including drugs and alcohol, so that the coming generations can be free from such kinds of social evils, Otherwise the day is not far when the state will turn into a necropolis.


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