ICJ Verdict Says For Immediate Suspension Of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Death Sentence

ICJ Verdict Says For Immediate Suspension Of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Death Sentence

The C Times, 17th June 2017,  Agartala: On Thursday, International Court of Justice (ICJ) interim verdictsays Pakistan’s National Court for the immediate suspension of the death sentence given to KulbhushanJadhav for alleged espionage in Pakistan. In its verdict ICJ says that Pakistan shall inform the court regarding the measures taken in implementation of the present order.

The ICJ has delivered a clear verdict and the Indian Foreign Ministry Welcomed and appreciated the order. , The order says that “KulbhushanJadhav cannot be executed till the final verdict of ICJ”.  The ICJ also said that its interim order was binding on Pakistan. A final verdict could take several years coming.

India alleged that“Pakistan claims KulbushanJadhav was arrested from Balochistan while Jadhav was kidnapped from Iran”. Pakistan’s National court handed the death sentence to Jadhav for alleged espionage and subversive activities in Pakistan.

Foreign ministry spokesman NafeesZakaria said Pakistan does not accept the ICJ’s jurisdiction in matters of national security.

KulbushanSudhirjadhav (KulbshanJadhav) was born in Sangli, Maharastra on 16th April 1970. His father’s Name is SudhirJadhav and his mother’s name is Avanti jadhav. His father is a retired Police officer. KulbushanJadhav is a former Indian Navy Commander. He joined Indian National Defence on 1987 and later in 1991 he joined the engineering branch of Indian Navy. Kullbushan has two children and his family &childrens resides in Powai, Mumbai.

On March 03 2016, he was arrested by the Pakistani security force alleging over charges of spying for Intelligence Agency, the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW)inside Balochistan in Mashkel near the border region of Chaman, having made illegal entry into Pakistan via Iran.. The Pakistani government alleges that he is involved in supervisive activities during counter-intelegence Operation in Balochistan.

KulbashanJadhav was sentenced to death by Field Court Martial (FGCM) n 10thAprill 2017. Then the Indian Government approached to International Court of justice (ICJ) against the death sentence of Kulbushan, the ICJ ordered the pakistani government for not hanging kulbushan till its final verdict.

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