India vs Pakistan Final, Champions Trophy 2017: Clash Stirs 2007 World Twenty20 Memories

India vs Pakistan Final, Champions Trophy 2017: Clash Stirs 2007 World Twenty20 Memories

The C Times, 17th June 2017, Agartala: The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final match will face between India and Pakistan at The Oval on Sunday at 3 pm, 18 June. The match might take heart from the only other occasion the arch-rivals have met in the climax of a major ICC world event.

Twenty20, leading the way as a professional sport in the English country game, was still infancy in its global at least 10 years ago when Johannesburg hosted in 2007 as World Twenty20 final.

Team New Zealand even took to wearing ‘retro’ kits and sporting ‘comedy’ facial hair in T20 internationals.

However, the inauguration of World Twenty20 in South Africa was arguably the moment cricket’s newest kid on the block achieved sporting adulthood. There had been fears among the Indian officials about the crash of Twenty20, with the sponsors and unwilling to give funds in equally vast quantities in a shorter game.

In the year 1983 World Cup, India team made a shock defeat of the West Indies in final at Lord’s flash a change in focus from Test to ODIs. But in 2007 World Twenty20 final have seen as something of a staging post.

The match itself, which followed India’s ‘bowl out’ win after a group stage tie with Pakistan, was a classic. Indian team fight hard to get 157 for five before few well bowler bowls. It has seen that Pakistan get down and out, with 54 needed to win off 24 balls and a mere three wickets in hand.

So far Misbah-ul-Haq recharged the contest by thumping off-spinner Harbhajan Singh with three sixes. Yet Pakistan needed 13 runs to win with Misbah on strike one wicket standing.

Captain MS Dhoni gave to ball to the new comer player Joginder Sharma and bowl wide. Misbah hit a full toss ball for six and winner becomes within Pakistan.

But Misbah failed to attach properly with a dig down to fine a leg. On the other hand, S Sreesanth held a catch at short fine leg to spark scenes of jubilation among millions fans worldwide.

Few months after the final match, the ‘rebel’ Twenty20 Indian Cricket League (ICL) was launched.  But the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) unhappy at what display as a threat to its power, forced lifetime bans on players joining the ICL and a year later launched the Indian Premier League. But now the IPL attracts the world’s best players and allow then to turn their back on Test cricket and still extremely profitable careers.


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