Youth Commits Suicide Due To “Love Affair”

Youth Commits Suicide Due To “Love Affair”

The C Times, 17th June 2017,  Agartala: The rate of suicide cases in India have drastically increased in the last few years. The most prominent causes of suicide have been found to be “love failure”, “Loneliness and Unhappiness”, “Depression”, “Rape”, “Unemployment and Poverty”, “Failure in Examination” and “Drug Abuse”

In a tragic incident on Saturday, a 22-year-old boy apparently upset over his father’s dissension to his love affair committed suicide by consuming acid.

The deceased Sushanta Debbarma, s/o Ratan Ranjan Debbarma was a college goer and a resident of Rajanpara, Sidhai Mohanpur. He was having an affair with a 16-year-old girl of his locality for the past two years. The girls family was recently looking for a suitable groom to fix her marriage. She immediately informed this matter to her boyfriend. On Friday night Sushant decided to discuss this issue with his father and persuade him to talk to the girl’s parents about his ongoing affair. Upon learning about his son’s affair Sri Ratan Ranjan Debbarma became furious and beat him black and blue. Unable to bear his father’s rejection on Saturday morning, Sushanta consumed and poured acid on himself. He was immediately rushed to Lembucherra  PHC in a critical condition, from where he was referred to GB Hospital. Sushanta finally succumbed to his self inflicted injuries at 9.27 am.

According to National Crime Records Bureau states like Sikkim and Tripura have one of the highest rates of suicides in the country. While Sikkim tops the list as the number one suicide state in India, Tripura comes in at 4th position. Tamilnadu ranks second followed by kerala.  Chattisgarh and Karnataka holds 5th and 6th position.  Mizoram also enters this hall of shame list by coming at 7th place. Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Goa stands at 8th, 9th and 10th position followed by Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa at 11th , 12th and 13th position. Gujarat, Haryana and Assam are placed at 14th, 15th and 16th position followed by Arunacha Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. The last two spots are captured by Meghalaya and Uttarakahnd.

Over the years these northeast states have been exposed to a host of hostile environment and drugs , which in the long term affect the minds of the children .Places like Sikkim also have been going through this period of the youth and women living a life devoid of simple happiness and the children are spending less time with parents say psychiatrists. Some astonishing facts about Mizoram have been revealed. It is believed that around nine persons on an average committed suicide every month till June this year, with depression being the main reason for the deaths.

Tripura the rate of suicide which seems more in the interior areas where largely tribals reside is due to poverty and also unemployment. Tripura also has an open border with Bangladesh whereby huge cache of drugs has made way to the market. Over abuse of this substance can lead to mood swings which include depression. Also amongst the elders the farmers who have been through a lot of competition and have lost land there is a social problem of one lending by people who charge high interest rates in the state. These factors have also added to the alarming rates of suicide in the state of Tripura.

The increase in nuclear families is also a factor that has led to rise in suicides due to love failure. Earlier when people lived in joint families, a boy or girl could confide his/her feelings in any one of the family member’s thus avoiding loneliness and depression. But nowadays due to large number of nuclear families the number of members in a family are quite less and it is not possible for the younger generation to share their feelings easily.

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