Deplorable Condition of State Run High School

Deplorable Condition of State Run High School

C Times, 19th June 2017, Agartala

The incessant showers followed by heavy rainfall has not only affected the daily life of the public but has also brought to light the deplorable condition of some state-run high schools.

One such school is the Hari Ganga Girls High School situated at Banamalipur, Agartala. The playground along with the school turned into a mini swimming pool due to the intermittent rainfall over the past few days. Due to improper drainage system across the area, the drains get clogged easily after a few minutes of shower and the total area gets water logged (drain water) thus making it difficult for the residents to walk. It also leads to an outbreak of various diseases due to stagnant water.

In the name of revamping the drainage system of the state to get its name enlisted as a Smart City the govt. controlled AMC covered all the drains in the city with concrete without keeping big outlets for cleaning garbage and wastes. Due to such unrealistic approach drain water gets choked easily underneath and overflows on the road.

Similarly, in Hari Ganga Girls High School, the drain water has accumulated into the playground and the classrooms thus making it impossible for the students and teachers to enter the school complex. The studies of the pupils have been disrupted for the past few days.

The school authorities have informed the education department several times but no action has been taken by them. The school has been facing this same problem for many years and has accordingly informed the issue to the concerned department but the department has turned a deaf ear to their requests every time.

On one hand the govt. claims to have made Tripura a 100 percent literate state but on the other the same govt. is not an inch worried about the condition of the students of Hari Ganga Girls High School. If this is the condition of a state-run high school located in the heart of the city then we can easily imagine the conditions of the schools in the interior areas. In the Left Govt’s rule, the budding generation is unfortunately deprived of quality infrastructure and education which is the backbone of the economic and social development of a state.



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