All Tripura Indigenous Regional Party Forum’s Sit in Demonstration

All Tripura Indigenous Regional Party Forum’s Sit in Demonstration

The C Times, 20 June 2017, Agartala

Today five hours sit-in the demonstration was organised by the activists of “All Tripura Indigenous Regional Party’s Forum” (ATIRPF) for their seven (07) chartered demands at North Gate, Agartala. The activists under the Flag of ATIRF is organising the demonstration with their Puram Member Mr Patish Tripura as a spokesperson.

Mr Patish Tripura said that their demonstration is based on seven chartered demands. First of all, The Citizenship Act 1955 (Amendment Bill) 2016 must be withdrawn as the Bill makes illegal migrants eligible for citizenship on the basis of religion. This may violate Article 14 of the Constitution which guarantees right to equality.The Bill allows cancellation of OCI registration for violation of any law. Secondly they have demanded for Immediate Implementation of Indira-Mujib International Accord (1971) which says that the Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman signed a 25-year  treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Peace on 19 March 1972 forging close bilateral relations between India and the newly established state of Bangladesh. The treaty was also known as the Indira-Mujib Treaty.

Thirdly Implementation of  32% reservation for ST’s Population as the reservation says that: Suppose a grade in a service where reservation in promotion is available, has a total of 600 sanctioned posts, 50% of which are filled by direct recruitment on all India basis by open competition and 50% are filled by promotion by non-selection. The number of posts reserved for Scheduled Castes in the case of direct recruitment would be equal to 300x 15/100 which comes to 45. The number of posts reserved for Scheduled Tribes would be equal to 300×7.5/100, which after ignoring the fraction comes to 22 and number of posts reserved for Other Backwards Classes would be equal to 300×27/100 i.e. 81. Similarly, the number of posts reserved for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the case of promotion would be 45 and 22 respectively. It may be noted that the number of reserved posts for Scheduled Tribes comes to 22.5 in the case of direct recruitment as well as promotion. An exact number of reserved posts is arrived at by ignoring the fraction.

Their fourth demand is Implementation of 7th Pay Commission for all Government Employees as per the Central Pay Structure,” The Left Front Government has changed the pay structure of government employees and pensioners as per pay and pension review committee by hiking a mere 19.68% of salary (Basic and Pay band together) and an increase of Dearness Allowance from 88% to 125% thus once again depriving the employees and pensioners of their legitimate benefits. In 2008, the government constituted Pay Review Committee for revision of pay scales and pension which also deprived the employee community as a whole.

They have also demanded that 100 points roster shouldn’t be implemented in TTADC. And have also called for immediately filling up of Backlog Posts for ST/SC.

And lastly, the Kokborok language should be included in VIII schedule of the Indian Constitution.

He also said that, if these demands are not fulfilled then the activists of All Tripura Indigenous Regional Party’s Forum (ATIRPF) will arrange big demonstration and rallies over the state.


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