Congress Councillor Submits Deputation

Congress Councillor Submits Deputation

C Times, 21 June 2017, Agartala

The residents of Ward no.20 and 21 led by Congress counsellor Ratna Dutta on 21st June 2017 submitted a deputation to the Mayor, AMC Sri Prafullajit Sinha demanding necessary action from AMC to sort out various problems in the locality.

The residents of no. 20 and 21 wards are facing scarcity of drinking water. The drainage system of the area is very poor. Water gets choked easily in the rainy season leading to overflowing of drain water in the road. This particularly affects the movement of vehicles and residents. Due to stagnant water, the torture of mosquitoes and other deadly insects increase and leads to diseases like dengue and malaria. Many residents of the area have been diagnosed with malaria during the rainy season.

The AMC has not taken any steps to curb this problem after several requests.

Sri Prafullajit Sinha has provided assurance that necessary steps will be taken by AMC at the earliest.

In the name of revamping the drainage system of the state to get its name enlisted as a Smart City the govt. controlled AMC covered all the drains in the city with concrete without keeping big outlets for cleaning garbage and wastes. Due to such unrealistic approach drain water gets choked easily underneath and overflows on the road. The total capital gets waterlogged if there is a moderate shower for one hour- such is the condition of the drainage system of Manik Sarkar Govt. so-called “Golden Era”.


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