11 yr Old Boy Dies After Mud Wall Collapses

11 yr Old Boy Dies After Mud Wall Collapses

The C Times, 22 June 2017, Agartala: In a tragic incident an 11 yr old boy died on Thursday (22nd June 2017) after a mud wall of his home collapsed on top of him. The deceased Roninjoy Tripura (a class 5 student of Kulai Medinipur School) s/o Birendra Reang Tripura was a resident of Madhya Medinipur, under Kulai PS Dhalai district. Roninjoys friends and school teachers are in a state of shock after hearing the news of his death.

According to a report, Roninjoy’s parents and elder brother Dhananjoy Tripura (18) were on the field for Jhum cultivation on Thursday morning when the incident occurred. Roninjoy was playing alone when the rain soaked mud wall suddenly collapsed on top of him. On hearing a thunderous sound the neighbours and his parents rushed to the spot. They informed the fire service but no one came for rescue. His parents and neighbours then with the help of spades dug him out from the wet mud and taken to Kulai hospital. He was referred to GB hospital due to his critical condition. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

The dereliction of duty by the state run fire service employees has again snatched away the life of an innocent boy. Had they arrived on time with the vehicle, Roninjoy could have been saved. The state govt. is a mute spectator to all the attrocities happening in the interior areas.

This is the present condition of Left govt’s so called “Golden Era”

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