A Rainbow Alliance to Consolidate Anti-Left Front to Oust the Ruling Coalition: Says BJP Rashtriya Mahasachiv

A Rainbow Alliance to Consolidate Anti-Left Front to Oust the Ruling Coalition: Says BJP Rashtriya Mahasachiv
C Times, 30 June 2017, Agartala

National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party Shri Ram Madhav is on a two days visit to Tripura to analyse the present aggravating condition of the state and discuss vital issues related to upcoming assembly polls of 2018.

The left ruled government in Tripura totally got shaken and nervous to see the outrage of the people supporting BJP and as means to defend the same, the CPIM party came out offensive indulging in violence just as they did and have been doing in Kerala and West Bengal.

For the last few days, CPIM cadres and their leaders are openly resorting to violence in most of the Districts of Tripura and the government is forced to promulgate article 144 of the Indian penal code on different occasions periodically in different Districts and places.

In Tripura, not the government but the CPIM party is ruling the state and the ministers are openly conspiring to indulge in such ruthless violence. Such unbecoming situation led to creating a scene of horror among the leaders, supporters and workers of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and their lives are in woeful danger. Resulting to this unscrupulous furry the life of one of the BP workers has already been ceased and near about 85 others are wounded and a good number of’ them are in critical condition.

A few months back also the CPIM cadres in open daylight triggered one elected panchayat member of BJP namely Sri Chand Mohan Tripura in Gandacherra. For the last few days, the situation of such barbaric killing, looting and physical torture on the BJP workers further aggravated.

Ram Madhavji hinted that “The BJP will try to form a rainbow alliance to consolidate anti-Left Front votes to oust the ruling coalition in Tripura in assembly polls in February next year, The Bharatiya Janata Party is yet to decide on its electoral alliances. We are now working to consolidate anti-Left votes and to strengthen our party’s organisational base”.

He will also visit the families of the injured BJP party workers and hold meetings with core BJP leaders and other opposition party leaders.

Visit of Ram Madhavji is considered statically important as some big names of Trinamool Congress MLAs are likely to join the BJP to boost the party’s campaign for the 2018 elections. Although there has been no confirmation yet, it is not unlikely that five to six MLAs of Trinamool Congress headed by Sudip Roy Barman join BJP by the end of July.

A political buzz of joining of all Trinamool Congress MLAs and veteran Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath is already there but it may take a bit time. And if the buzz is true then the left govt. would be left with no other option then forming the alliance with the Congress Party to protect their throne.

A BJP leader said that the party will select candidates for the 2018 Assembly polls shortly and the candidates will be selected on the basis of their image in the society, moral character and political experience.

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