Some of the posts advertised do exist in India…says Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Higher Education

Some of the posts advertised do exist in India…says Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Higher Education

Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Higher Education Shri Mahendra Nath Pandey is on a two day visit to Tripura to attend various programmes. As part of his schedule Shri mahendra nath today visited the Eklavya campus of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan.

A press conference was held at State BJP Headquarter by the Minister of State for Human Resource Development Higher Education in presence of BJP State President Biplab Kumar Deb and BJP State Observer Sunil Deodhar.

Shri Pandey said that, “The experience that the state govt. has sought for the recently declared 13000 posts is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Some of the posts advertised do not even exist in any other state schools or offices. He also gave an instance to prove his point. There are 1500 posts for “School library Assistant” and the required qualification and experience is (Minimum graduate degree from any recognized University with at least 5(five) years experience in supervision or handling of books of library in any Govt./Govt. recognized Schools. Preference will be given to candidates having diploma in Library Science with three years experience in any Govt./Govt. recognized Schools). Surprisingly candidates with degree in Library Science have not been entertained for the said post.” He also added that if the recruitment process is executed as per the MHRD guidelines then it is acceptable otherwise if any discrepancy is found then the Central govt. shall intervene.

According to BJP State President Biplab Kumar Deb,” The Supreme Court labelled the 10323 posts as unconstitutional and terminated them. The Tripura government has created these 13,000 non-teaching posts in the state education department in an apparent bid to rehabilitate those 10,323 teachers who are facing a job loss after the recent Supreme Court order. But again the State Govt. is resorting to unconstitutional recruitment policy.”

Earlier on Wednesday the All Tripura Computer Shikshak Sangha (ATCSS) held a demonstration at Swami Vivekananda stadium and burnt several copies of 12000 Non-teaching post application forms because of non-issuance of experience certificate to them by the Education Department. The 700 computer teachers of ATCSS are clearly eligible for the recently announced 13000 vacant posts but were not issued valid experience certificates by the Inspector of Schools and District Education Officer in spite of several requests.

All the unemployed youths of the state who are legally eligible for the 13000 posts but are not being allowed to apply for the said posts citing various illogical reasons by the State Education Department are prepared to approach the court for justice. The state govt. beforehand very well knew the consequences of publishing such an absurd recruitment advertisement but still they went ahead with their plan.

According to reliable sources the state govt. has consulted several senior lawyers of Supreme Court before publishing the recruitment advertisement.

BJP State observer Sunil Deodhar said that, “The recently announced vacancy is a trap set by the left govt. to lure votes for the upcoming assembly elections. The recruitment process will eventually stand cancelled like the previous one once the matter is put up in front of the court. What fate has in store for the 10323 teachers remains to be seen?”

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