BJP CPIM Scrimmage Haemorrhage: LT Vally Bandh Today

BJP CPIM Scrimmage Haemorrhage: LT Vally Bandh Today

C Times, 21 July 2017, Agartala

Two persons from CPIM and BJP were murdered and several others injured when series of violent clashes with precipitation effect between to two rival parties regard Chhailengta, Lalcherra, Manu and adjoining areas last night. The situation in those areas was reported to be extremely tense but under control.

While in Chhailengta Babul Majumder, a CPI-M cadre and teacher were vanquished to death last night, fatally injured Nishi Chakma, a BJP worker deceased to his injuries on Thursday at G B hospital. In a fall out of Chhailengta violence clashes erupted in Manu in which officer in charge of police station Panna Lal Sen and a CITU worker was injured.

BJP president Biplob Kumar Deb lashed out the CPIM for resorting to midlist violence in which one of his party workers Nishi Chakma was murdered. He said that “From last night the CPIM cadres had started attacking BJP party offices and workers and supporters in different parts of the state without any provocation”.

“In pre-planned attacks on our party offices in four places six party workers have been injured and one killed and we strongly condemned this politics of planned violence of the CPIM and demand that the Chief Minister perform his ‘Rajdharm’ to protect the interests of the people”, said BJP president.

CPIM party state secretary Bijan Dhar said, “A group of unruly BJP supporters had attacked at CPIM party office at Chailengtha last night in which some party cadres were injured. One of the injured Babul Majumder, a teacher and member of CPIM teachers’ organisation succumbed to his injuries on way to Dhlai district hospital”.

Speaking to media, an officer in charge of Manu Police station Panna Lal Sen said, “After a rumour pertaining to the death of a BJP worker ran amok, BJP supporters assaulted DUFI leader Nabodaya Saha and started to move to Chailengta. Police prevented the BJP supporters from going to Chailengta and in the scuffle, Sen was injured”. Total four persons of both parties including Panna Lal Sen were injured.

CPIM filed a FIR with the police giving names of about 30 BJP workers. One Promode Modak was arrested.

The murder of CPIM worker caused massive tension in entire LT Valley district. CPIM was called bandh today to protest against the murder.

The situation is extremely stretch in entire LT Valley district. A Large contingent of TST and CRPF was deployed in the area and Dhalai SP Jal Sing Meena stated situation is under control.




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