Mysterious incident: A section of Tribal youths ransacked the Bhodhjungangar area of the city following a disinformation

Mysterious incident: A section of Tribal youths ransacked the Bhodhjungangar area of the city following a disinformation

C Times, 2 August 2017, Agartala

Massive violence on Tuesday raged Bhodhjungangar area at the outskirt of the city following a potential dangerous disinformation regarding a tribal woman’s purported abduction by some-non-tribal youths.

Totally mysterious incident. More mysterious the behaviour of a section of tribal youths, who ransacked the Bhodhungangar Police station. They also attacked the police personnel and journalists.

Following the disinformation with clear and extremely treacherous communal overtures, thousands of tribal youths instigated by the disinformation trooped to Bodhungnagar police station on Tuesday and soon resorted to brick batting and throwing petrol booms. The violent youths most of who were identified as IPFT workers also shot arrows and slings at policemen.

In the phase wise violence government properties, vehicle and two wheelers were either destroyed or burnt down and about 12 policemen including IG K V Sreejesh, DIG Arindam Nath, and Officer-in-charge of the police station Jahangir Hussain were injured.

It was for all intents of purpose a bizarre mixture of sleaze and infidelity, deceit and disinformation that was dangerously played out to create communal tension.

Mallika Debi Tripura happened to be estranged wife to Bibekananda  Tripura a 2nd Bn TSR jawan. She had, according to police sources, a relation with Rabindra Debbarma, a nayek of the same 2nd Bn TSR. Rabindra Debbarma himself married twice and was facing a case for bigamy.

It was believed that when Rabindra was in 5th Bn TSR and posted at Boalkhali in Raishyabari, Mallika’s village where she was residing after separation from Bibekananda, he developed the relationship with her.

On Monday Mallika came to TSR 2nd Bn HQ, Bodhjungnagar to streamline the alimony matters following recent online payment and Aadhaar linkage etc. both Bibekananda and Rabindra helped her in this regard.

Soon the matters were over Rabindra took her out and they on a bike travelled various parts of the area. Then they went to Lambucherra in the evening and spent some hours together at a rented home belonging to an elderly person, where, reportedly she used to spend the night with Rabindra Debbarma whenever she was in Agartala.

Rabindra informed the Bodhjungnagar police station about the Kidnap of Mallika at last night by some Bengali youths. At the face of it, his motive was to trigger communal tension as soon the news spread and indeed sparking off the tension.

Police which had made massive TSR and CRPF deployment as the situation was snowballing and apparently going out of control had to fire tear shells and resorted to mild lathi charge to disperse the mob. It was widely alleged that IPFT played a role behind the violence though known leaders stayed away from the scene and there was no explicit display to party’s affiliations.

A senior police officer said, “We first noticed something amiss when we checked that his mobile was under a tower link in Lembucherra when the purported abduction was committed, but he claimed the abduction was committed in Bodhjungnagar area”.

Police at yesterday night arrested Rabindra Debbarma who lodged the false complaint and triggered such a massive violence, and Mallika Debi Tripura will also be brought to Agartala and her statement will perhaps be recorded before a judicial magistrate, said a senior police officer.

In the meantime, the efficient way in which police handled the situation invited praise from all sections of the people. The condition is now under control. The administration clamped 144 CrPC to avoid any untoward incident.





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