Apologies for note ban, CPI-M and Congress tells Modi

Apologies for note ban, CPI-M and Congress tells Modi

C Times, 1st September 2017, Agartala

Following the Reserve Bank of India’s figures on demonetization, the Opposition launched a stinging attack on the Centre with the Congress demanding an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the CPI-M saying that India will not forgive the government for its “anti-national act”.

CPI-M state general secretary Bijan Dhar questioned the need for such an exercise when it failed in all its stated objectives, combating corruption, black money, counterfeit currency and terrorism. One hundred died in queues. The poor suffered the most.

Mr Dhar said, “Lives and livelihoods lost, the Economy got a shock, workers lost their jobs. India can never forgive Modi government for this anti-national act”.

Mr Dhar also added the RBI’s revelation pointed at a big scam. Demonetisation was supposedly done to uncover several lakhs of crores of black money.

Congress MLA Gopal Roy said, “Demonetization is nothing but a disaster in which 104 innocent people were killed while ‘corrupt’ made ‘windfall gains’. Prime Minister should apologise to the nation”.

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