BJP bring in farmers’ wing of party to sow seeds for 2018 election yield

BJP bring in farmers’ wing of party to sow seeds for 2018 election yield

C Times, 20 Sep. 17, Agartala

The BJP is planning to plot its path in the 2018 Assemble elections with a ‘peasant-oriented’ approach.

The BJP is keenly aware that most of State’s votes still resides in its numerous villages and is dependent on either agriculture or associated farming activities.

The BJP is also aware that most of Prime Minister’s flagship programmes, crafted to bring help to the farmers, have either not reached them or benefits of such schemes are yet to be made obvious.

With this in mind, the BJP has planned to rope in the farmers’ wing, or Kisan Morcha, of the party, apart from the efforts of the Union Agriculture Ministry that recently launched a seven-point programme to double farm income.

“The CPIM is responsible for the bad condition that the agricultural sector and our farmers are in. the Kisan Morcha has decided to train its functionaries and organisational leaders, who also happen to be the local peasant magnates of their respective areas and regions, about the flagship schemes of the Modi government so that they can, in turn, take the awareness to farmers in the villages,” said BJP Vice-president Subal Bhowmik.

The Morcha has already been conversing with the farmers across the state and in line with the same would now be taking the Central government’s schemes and programmes devised especially for their benefit to them.

“We shall be working at the district and mandal levels, which are the grass-root levels of the state, so that farmers can avail themselves of the benefits that the Central government is pledged to bring to them, said Kisan Morcha State Observer Subal Bhowmik.

The initiative has been planned at the grass-root level so far as every district of the state would have one nodal point person of the peasant arm of the party, who would not just ensure that the peasants know about things they are entitled to as per Centre’s schemes, but would also ensure that farmers under duress would get the adequate help according to their needs and the schemes that would address their concerns.


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